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Windows 9 new look

Windows 9 new look


Here is the windows 9 brand new look. As promised Microsoft delivered on fixing the start menu further more. In windows 8.1 they added the start button but the functionality wasn’t the same. In version 9 they have brought back the good old start menu with it’s features. There are other visual changes related the windows app whose location can be changed and the position of shut-down button. Previously it was like Microsoft doesn’t want people to turn off their computer at all.

It is soon to be released next month. Rumor says it will be a free upgrade as opposed to priced version of windows. Hopefully they are taking the same path as Apple did when they made available their OS for free.

However there isn’t enough reason for people to shift from Apple or Linux to Microsoft it is certainly a gift for loyal Microsoft customers and users.

Hope you enjoy the brand new OS.


Love for camping

Love for camping

It’s been long since I have been outdoors. However whenever I find an opportunity to break away from the wifi- zone I take it asap. Recently I have been to Aurangabad ( ajanta and Ellora Caves) , Haridwar, Rishikesh etc. What I learned thereis that doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is, the connection between the nature and you is always stronger.

I may sound philosophical but a recent study published in the journal “Current biology” proves the fact that camping out side do help in lots of ways. It helps in adjusting the body clock. ¬†Researchers found that exposure to the artificial light affected the production of hormones and melatonin.¬†Melatonin rises just before we go to sleep and decreases through the night until we wake up. This is responsible for our body clock. You can read about the benefits of camping on the following BBC article.

I am just saying that whenever you get time, even a minute go out embrace the nature, feel the energy of Sun and keep yourself at peace with nature.

outdoor caming

benefit of camping outdoors


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