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Story worth not Telling…Yet

Story worth not Telling…Yet

Everyone want’s their story to be heard, told and spread across ages however seldom you find ways or means of doing it. Like everybody you try your level best in school, college, office to be the one with a different story but more or less you end up writing “Champak” compared to DC comics.

There was a time when I thought of making my life an adventure, traveling places and marring the love of my life but…

There was a time when I thought of writing computer programs that would solve world problems, work from remote places in the world and write books but…

There was a time when I thought of having a big farmland, planting a whole lot of trees and growing my very own forest but…

I still strive to acheive every single goal mentioned above and wouldn’t stop at anything less and if things go south I would still be a tired man lying exhausted chasing his dreams. Would definitely sleep well!

Meanwhile, the most imminent chapter is about love right now. After being surrounded by hundreds of relatives, friends and everyone else asking me to get married soon I am just short of ideas… Don’t know how this particular chapter will close but as the saying goes.. “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Well Universe if you are listening… I desire a smarter girl than myself and of course has to be wildly insane 🙂 Coz normal is boring. Someone who can stand up on her own and speaks for herself. Someone who aint afraid of no one.

After a very long break from writing.. I just started to live my own story!
Enough about myself….Have you thought of writing your own story?

Mahendra Kumar

Apple of Pie’s eye

Apple of Pie’s eye

To the Girl who actually knows the value of Pie;
Mess with her and you would be punched hard and left to die;
Full of energy, wisdom and adventure…in life she is high;
Even when God plays Uno with her it’s always a tie…..

Happy birthday Anukriti.. You never stop to Amaze people with your presence, knowledge and wit.. Looking forward to an another Road trip!