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Sands of time

Sands of time

Chris and Linda


Through the sands of time I remember the Ujjain trip we went all together;
It reminds me of the game of badminton in the mesmerizing evening weather;

It may have been almost an year but your memories are crisp as a feather;
May god bless you with life filled with happiness, health, prosperity and peace inside need to look further ;

Happy Birthday Chris.. Hope you had a great day today..There is one Spanish tradition about birthdays I know. People pull your ears for every single year till now. Hoping to get a chance to pull your ear someday.. 🙂  Best wishes and you are missed!

Mahendra Kumar 
Pic credits: Linda ( You are awesome.. I miss you loads)

I remember you

I remember you



Menchu, Oh I remember you…..

First time I met was on the dinner table;
From then on it’s nothing but a fable;
You made my submission to the elephant Journal impeccable;
You have pulled my ear more than anyone else in this world and made my birthday memorable;
I would be wrong if I say I miss you…I don’t; but I do know that somewhere in the cold Ireland someone is keeping bananas in refrigerator and finds the mere mention of this adorable!

Manchu ji there are somedays when it gets hard not to miss you….. today is the day! Wish you lived closer and I could see Soraya!

Mahendra Kumar