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Love, one of the most frequently asked question in everyday life. Whats happening? Do you have a girlfriend? Howz your girlfriend? etc . Nowadays, in the facebook age every girl on your facebook friend’s list is being considered as your girlfriend ( except for your relatives, of course). But I don’t think so. From the last couple of months I have been asked a thousand times about my love life. Therefore I decided to answer this once and for all.

In truly believe in love at first sight. I am sure if you have experienced it you know it’s 100% fact. You see someone and your heart says yes she’s is the one. However instincts play a very vital role in it. This does not mean that I had this kind of experience. May be…. I am still figuring it out.

I believe, that Love happens only once. Doesn’t matter what you say, you truly know that there is only one girl. Like in the case of swans, angelfish, Albatross, turtle, doves and bald eagles I also think that there is only one partner for life.

Now the final question…. do you have a girlfriend?? simply answer.. I am in pursuit! My work and shy nature always prevented me from thinking about anything which isn’t a computer. What I think is….when it will happen it will happen…..

So now that I have answered all the queries please stop bugging me on this.

Irish music rocks

Irish music rocks

I was watching a movie ” Salmon fishing in the Yemen” and in that movie came across a song “Mairi’s wedding”. It’s an Irish song and I truly loved it. After watching this song. I searched about the song on youtube and then I came across a lot of Irish songs… worth listening!

Irish music rocks!

One of my friend told me about me about an Irish saying which goes something like this “Come by the hills, to a land that’s fancy and free, and stand where the peaks meet the sky and the lochs meet the sea, where the river runs clear, and the bracken is warm in the sun, and the cares of tomorrow can wait, till this day is done”

Here is the song on this saying


The Facebook Act 2012

The Facebook Act 2012

Everyone’s life changed since the arrival of the social networking site Facebook. My life changed drastically. I started to talk too much, the patient side of Mahendra was almost extinct. I waited eagerly for messages, notifications etc..

Earlier my work used to talk for me but now my chat messages did the talking.. too bad!

But, not anymore. I have decided to limit my facebook usage to making friends and responding to messages. I am shutting down chat services which include fb chat, Google chat etc. I will be offline unless required for work or something important.

Hoping to find the SANE side of myself…. The real MAHENDRA



There is an old saying which goes something like this “There are two ways of seeing a glass of water;either half empty or half full.” This depends on the perspective of the person.

In India, we are having monsoon (rainy season). For some it’s the worst time of the year
mud,dirt,water logging everywhere but for some it’s the best season of all time.

There is no better time to see clouds, trees and birds.
The soothing breeze wakes you up,
Gigantic trees bows down to say “Good Morning”
Tiny droplets asks you to take a quick shower…
and then Volla!

Monsoon weather

You are ready for a very eventful day ahead.

And before you come out, All the roads are washed up for you,
Live performance by birds all along the way.
Now what else do you want in life?

Yeah, a girl  waiting for ya back home? Sorry buddy that’s a whole new thing.Will talk about that later.

Time to say Good Bye and ‘hi’

Time to say Good Bye and ‘hi’

Another month passed in the Ashram a lot of things happened. A lot of classes, traveling and shopping!!!! The worst time of the month as I call it… the course finished!

Time to say Good bye to Juryeong ( one of the senior most student in the Ashram, Going to start her second innings! very soon). We got along very well. Ever smiling and always happy.
Time passed and I never realized that it’s almost the end of the month. She left for home yesterday. I wish she could have stayed a bit longer.
















Time to make new friends but it doesn’t mean I am ever gonna forget my other friends. Technically I remember every single friend of mine and how or when we met. I am an Engineer right.. razor sharp memory

Will miss you Harry Potter! 🙂