Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Mahendra kumar I lie down beneath the vastness of this infinte sky. I get up and practice meditation and take a walk around, enjoy my breakfast. After a few hours I notice a silverish object on my table. This is perhaps the most powerful device humans ever made… a laptop connected to the internet. The moment I turn it on, I am least that’s what the millennials think… But fortunately enough I prefer to be in radio silence whenever possible and to do life conversations with real people rather than an image on the screen. That reminds me of the recent trip I went on with six others. And for several days I didn’t checked emails, attended meetings, or for people who know me well… I didn’t wrote a single line of code during the entire trip. We had a time of our lives!

Especially in times of lockdown the words borrowed from the US declaration of Independence ..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at stake.. here is a quote from a recent book I read.. “The Grand esential to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for” – Washington Burnap

And for now.. Enjoy!

Mahendra kumar in Haridwar

All started with an early morning dip in the river Ganga and then leaving for Rishikesh!


Rishikesh – Connecting East and the West of the Yogic world!


River Ganga

Was about to go jump in the river Ganga after receiving a bug from QA… Got saved by Ms Ionic Stackoverflow!


After attending the biggest rain dance party ever at an International Border we were getting serious about closing the border finally!


After all…we cannot leave the doors to our great nation open!


In peace with thyself, in trance..I couldn’t stop looking at this heavenly abode!


A night walk around Darbar sahib is a must. We were clocking almost 10kms walk every single day!


We had to take power naps in between! Office ki aadat jo hai


Ready to rock Delhi’s party hub!


Raat k 12 baje..aisay hi dikhte hai log!


We were from the Hungry clan here.. Couldn’t stop eating all night long!


The number of TikTokers we saw here.. We were lucky to have left the place without appearing in any prank videos!

And to my friends who went on this trip. A few words for you guys in a language you would understand.

For a few days we were in the same Virtual Private Cloud exploring the UX and UI of the world from our mobile viewport experiencing the heavenly plugins we all need from time to time to keep our builds stable meanwhile keeping a stock of our lives in moments not in Google sheet!

Life is not a problem to be solved. Just remember to have something that keeps you busy doing what you love while being surrounded by the people who love you!  Follow your ikigai
– Excerpts from the book- IKIGAI-the Japanses Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Thanks for reading.. Your feedback is most welcome.

Mahendra Kumar
Pic Credits – Everyone on the trip 🙂 



I don’t remember when I was the last time I was surprised to see anyone or anything which blew my mind. With numerous ways to communicate, plan and organise things..every small things is manageable these-days but some tit-bits make your life interesting and real fun starts when the actual planning fails and destiny plays the game called life!

When you forget your umbrella and God was in the mood of gardening..
When you miss your friend’s wedding and end up adding one more member in the gang!
When you planned a business trip but eventually did a reunion!

When you plan….

Something and the whole universe turns up against you.

In life, you can plan a whole lot of things and for a lot of things… sometimes they turn up well and sometimes a disaster but the real kick is in planning to be unique, distinct and out of the world every single day..

So, Surprise your friends, family, do random things, travel random places, try new food ( I did and it was delicious), love everyone and don’t forget to surprise your parents!

Given a long weekend ahead.. Stay Insane, you are the best version of yourself and safe travels.

PS: I have got surprise for ya!

Mahendra Kumar

Lost in Interpretation

Lost in Interpretation

girl in rain

Years ago there came a movie called “Lost in translation” well this isn’t about translation but interpretation..

There are a whole of things I want to say;
But similar to the first time we met I am still blank in front of you today ;

When the world goes south your strength and valor comes into play;
You are calm, composed and focused while keeping lunatics at bay;

Your knowledge and wisdom blows up my mind away;
You are among the very few for whom I sincerely pray;

For you are not a prized possession for anyone but the almighty’s interpretation of blessing, power and empathy moulded in the earthly clay…


When December Ends!

When December Ends!

When the worst possibly tragedy ripped my world apart.. during those times.. every single word which my family and friends said mattered a lot. I am eternally grateful to everyone who called, sent text messages etc during that phase.

It’s been almost 4 months now and with time life is getting back to normal. And I am back into writing blogs and hacking my way into different programming languages.

Thanks and lots of love!

Mahendra Kumar

Divine Grace

Divine Grace

Divine Grace mahendra kumar

Some people need a smile, some a hug ;
But a few need a tight embrace;

Some people have strength, some have patience;
But a few have guts to run the never ending race;

Some people have a few problems, some have one to many;
But a few struggle everyday and call it a phase;

Some people call it bad luck, some destiny;
But a few call it the all mighty’s test of solace;

Some people break from inside, some loose themselves;
But some fight till the heaven and earth are in place;

For you my dear friend…May God bless you with people who are caring, understanding and filled with compassion. And most of all..May your life be filled with Divine Grace!

Mahendra Kumar


Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

You look for the purpose and for your heart;
but you have the delusion of knowing your vision and you feel smart;

Deep inside you know you need to restart;
when everything you care falls apart;

The morals you once stood for seems far fetched in the corporate chart;
Family, friends and health usually takes the last spot in your life’s cart;

then it’s time to find the real purpose of your life!

Everyday I wake up knowing that there are a small number of people for whom my efforts / work / presence might bring in a smile on their faces that’s more than enough to keep me running through the day.

Now why all of a sudden I am talking about Purpose in life? Well it’s because some people everyday for years but we hardly know them and then there are some we met for hours / days and they leave an impression for life. Some you watch movie with, drive your bike with, share a meal with, share a trip with .. and with some you share your family with.

Someone you share a meal with…
Here comes my friends Anders and Eng Chew whom I knew for a few days while they were in India but here in Singapore they showed me the real side of this magnificent,lively country. Words would fall short for their hospitality and care. This adorable couple makes me realize that it’s not the bureaucrats but the citizens who are the real ambassadors of their country! Roaming around the streets with them listening to stories, cherishing ice creams and watching the City from top is something I would tell my kids about someday! And yes I need a Singapore flag now!



Someone you share family with……..

I remember calling my brother in law for the first time with some motivation from my friend Kira years ago and after that perhaps this is the longest time I have spend time with him, my Sister and my Niece. I am not a person who likes to talks on Phone or message; I talk when I am in in front. And of course I cannot write about family…it’s simply family (period). But yes my sister made the right choice plus I have someone to look up to now 🙂

Leaving Singapore is difficult… here I have family and an extended family. I haven’t turned on my laptop for work for days and it feels weird but in a good way! Perhaps this is the purpose of life : To be human at-least for sometime. May God bless us all with grace and love we all need every single day!

Mahendra Kumar

Sands of time

Sands of time

Chris and Linda


Through the sands of time I remember the Ujjain trip we went all together;
It reminds me of the game of badminton in the mesmerizing evening weather;

It may have been almost an year but your memories are crisp as a feather;
May god bless you with life filled with happiness, health, prosperity and peace inside need to look further ;

Happy Birthday Chris.. Hope you had a great day today..There is one Spanish tradition about birthdays I know. People pull your ears for every single year till now. Hoping to get a chance to pull your ear someday.. 🙂  Best wishes and you are missed!

Mahendra Kumar 
Pic credits: Linda ( You are awesome.. I miss you loads)

I remember you

I remember you



Menchu, Oh I remember you…..

First time I met was on the dinner table;
From then on it’s nothing but a fable;
You made my submission to the elephant Journal impeccable;
You have pulled my ear more than anyone else in this world and made my birthday memorable;
I would be wrong if I say I miss you…I don’t; but I do know that somewhere in the cold Ireland someone is keeping bananas in refrigerator and finds the mere mention of this adorable!

Manchu ji there are somedays when it gets hard not to miss you….. today is the day! Wish you lived closer and I could see Soraya!

Mahendra Kumar


Silver Lining

Silver Lining



In the world where I no more read books for fun but for technical policies,
Your words are the silver lining,

In the world where I no more send out postcards,
Your messages are the silver lining.

In the world where I don’t fall asleep to dream but to wake up and work again,
Your memories are the silver lining.

In the world where I no longer travel for myself but for work,
Your pictures from world over are the silver lining.

In the world where I no longer eat to burp but to stop being hungry again,
Food you prepared is the silver lining.

In the world where there are no real friends but people who scratch each other’s back.
Your friendship is the silver lining.

In the world where there is no time for family but for employers,
Your timeless conversations are the silver lining.

In the world where no one cares for others,
Your love for the entire world is the silver lining.

In the world where I have several best friends, sisters, guardian angels,
Your avatar of lady Singham and Varanasi combining all of the above is the silver lining.

Wishing you the merriest of all Christmases.


If I could be you for one day..

If I could be you for one day..

That’s a difficult question to answer…isn’t it?

mahendra kumar

Perhaps I could be Bagheera for a day 🙂

Considering my friends are from varied fields it’s quite difficult to choose between them. They are either Engineers, Doctors, Bankers, Writers, Dancers, Actors, Politicians, Yogis, Farmers, Teachers or a Soldiers.

Now why this thought came into my mind? or perhaps in your mind?

We see so much of what other people are doing? where they are going? with whom they are going? how much money they are making? what car they traveling in? etc etc; by the end of the day we question ourselves that what the hell we are doing to compete with them?

We forget the most basic thing in friendship..technically we didn’t made friends to compete with each other but to complete each other. ( My principal said that long back).  We made friends because we had a thing with each other. That particular thing is very hard to define ( can be one in a million reason).

Competition is good in fact that’s the reason we have the Olympics but people forget that it’s not about fighting with your opponent it’s about the gold which matters the most. Athletes have no personal reasons to hate or love each other they do it for the sake of the gold. Apparently that should be the way; you must compete all the time but not with your friend on Facebook but for the goal you have in your mind “The virtual Gold medal”. Your friend might be sharing the same goal with you but it’s definitely not a competition with him.

At least this is what I learnt from the Olympics. So next time when I am thinking about you I am not thinking about competing with you but I am trying to learn from you by being you.

And to answer the question although I cannot be you I can still try to be your friend in the best possible you.

Mahendra Kumar